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Guide to Booking an Evening Eiffel Tower Tour


When you get the opportunity, you should not miss the excellent experience of touring the Eiffel Tower at night. I promise you will not regret the decision. The view is spectacular as you will see the City of Lights as some use to describe it. The view becomes even better when you climb the tower at night and seeing the whole city from the top of the tower. The experience is one of its kind. However, to ensure that you have a night full of joy, you need to get a good tour company. It is worth noting that a good company will offer line tickets up the tower and also include a romantic cruise with champagne. Isn't it awesome?


However, when planning a trip to Paris, you need to know the things you wish to do while you are in the city at night. For instance, some people may want to experience the Parisian evening while cruising along the sunset. On the other hand, other tourists may be thrilled with climbing up the Eiffel tower. Besides, you may be looking for an inclusive tour which comprises of a river cruise and visiting and climbing the tower. In such a case, consider booking a package that will include all the activities. The beauty about inclusive packages is that they have more offers including discounts on the cost of travels, as well getting to explore the city more than those who book single packages.


However, before booking you need to ask the tour companies like from The Paris Guy to clarify some issues. For instance, if you would like to have wine provided when on tour, you need to ask if they will offer. It is good to get clarifications on this question as some companies charge for wines provided to clients during tours. On the other hand, if you would like to bring your kids to the visits, you need to ask the tour company if kids are allowed on the trip.


Such questions are critical, for example, some trips are meant for lovers, where one comes with their partner. In such trips, kids won't be allowed due to the fact that the activities and services offered during such tours are strictly for adults hence not suitable for children.  Be sure to book here!


Besides, when the tour companies allow visitors to bring their kids, you need to inquire about the services offered to kids, including drinks and the sites to visit which are children-friendly. Therefore, this guide is ideal for people looking for tour companies that will organize visits to the Eiffel tower at night. Look for more facts about traveling at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/travel-leisure.